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Présence Métis: Ep 02 de Mon conseil scolaire


Deuxième épisode de la série Mon conseil scolaire, relate du travail d'une artiste franco-Métis, Nathalie Bertin, dans les écoles du sud de l'Ontario, pour sensibiliser les jeunes à la présence de la culture franco-Métis au Canada. (Leading Pictures, October 2017)

Voices of the Land

Video with interview about indigenous arts curriculum within York Region District School Board.

Video 1: Voices of the Land
Video 2: Connecting with culture

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Upcoming Exhibition


March 31 - April 11, 2018
124th Street, Edmonton, AB

ARTIST STATEMENT: Throughout art history, indigenous people and women in general have been romanticized in glorious depictions based in surreal ideals. As most provinces are now implementing a new curriculum to teach a more accurate version of Canada’s colonial history, my goal as a visiting Metis artist in schools is to share my culture with students and faculty on the “front lines” of delivery. In tandem, working with like-minded indigenous and non-indigenous artists, collaborating on actions from the Truth & Reconciliation Report has helped me to pave a way to show the world we are more than what has been told about us in the old history books.

I have seen and experienced realities about indigenous people throughout my life. Social media has allowed us all a window into the troubles and the absolute joys of what it means to be indigenous in Canada today. Although indigenous women continue to be targets of violence, we rise to face oppression. We hang on to traditions as we take our rightful space in modern society. We work hard, we are passionate, we love, we heal and we celebrate. My aim is to present a different view of indigenous women – one that is positive, powerful, knowledgeable, gentle and kind – because these are the women I know. The artwork in this latest series are inspired by the moments in time that shine a light on our humanity.

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