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Workshops in Metis arts have been developed for elementary, secondary and adult groups. Workshop details ...

  • Delivered at your location
  • Can be custom designed to include specific curriculum or team building requirements. View sample workshops below or call to create custom workshop in subjects ranging from cultural appropriation, water teachings, general arts or other Metis specific arts.
  • English or en français
  • B.Ed in Adult Education with Distinction conferred in 2012
  • Vulnerable Sector Check from the York Regional Police available on request
  • Workshops must be booked at least 4-6 weeks in advance to ensure availability
  • Flat rate pricing: $375 for half day or $500 for a full day PLUS travel, materials (as required) and HST
  • For more information and bookings, call the studio at 416.315.6882 or email info@nathaliebertin.com







The Sash wasn't just a fashioniable garment. Before it became a symbol of nationhood, it has practical uses that were relied on that made a difference between life and death.

In this workshop, students learn about the history and its many practical uses. Students also learn how to create their own mini sash using traditional finger weaving techniques.

Ideal for grades 3 and up.

Move over Group of Seven because academia has realized that the Metis design style of beadwork is Canada's first true art form! In fact, the peak of Metis art history was over before the people were even recognized! Find out why in this workshop and learn about the distinctive floral designs of the Flower Beadwork People.

This introduction into beadwork design is delivered in two formats:

AGES JK TO GRADES 5-6: A painting workshop is provided to teach the design patterns. Students will draw their own Metis-inspired patterns and use pointillism to fill in the colour and detail.

AGES GRADE 7 AND OLDER: Students learn how to create their own beaded flower using needle, thread, fabric and multi-coloured beads.

Storytelling, song and dance served an integral function during Canada's early years. Not just a source of entertainment, these activities brought people together, helped First Nations and European groups learn from one another and allowed the Metis to develop their own sense of community during some of the harshest periods of Canadian history.

In this workshop, students will learn a song, a couple of dance steps and participate in storytelling games that were practiced by Metis people during long treks in the wilderness and at home with family and friends.

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