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“The meaning in my art comes from my personal interactions with my surroundings and my culture.”


Nathalie Bertin (1969) originally hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After working as a graphic designer for several years, Bertin began showing her art publicly in 2009. She now works as a multi-disciplinary artist. Bertin’s style is often described as luminescent, energetic, bold and colourful. She is also fond of strong shapes and textures. "I am more concerned about expressing feelings about my subject matter than recreating a technically realistic representation."

Bertin often incorporates elements of her French and Algonquin heritage in concepts that blend the two cultures. In 2015, Bertin also began an exploration of themes related to genetics and DNA. Some of these can be seen in works that honour her ancestral mothers. "Art is a method of enquiry. It has allowed me to delve deeply into my identity. When I mix art with science, things become especially fascinating and exciting!"

In conjuction to cultural identity is her connection to the land as a common subject since it supports her physically and spiritually. “I am inspired by my divergent cultures. One of my goals is to explore how my cultural connections and lifestyle interact with the natural environment that I live in and vice versa.” A consistent theme in her work explores her life experience as a subsistence hunter.

Finally, a few of Bertin’s projects were inspired from traditional storytelling and folk tales. Some of these have been reproduced by the Royal Canadian Mint on collector coins for release in 2013, 2014 and 2015. In June 2010, Bertin was selected as an artist ambassador for the G20 Summit in Toronto, a volunteer position that garnered global media attention for Canadian artists from Muskoka. Her work can be found in collections of the Government of Manitoba, Government of Alberta, corporate organizations and private collectors across Canada, the US, Europe and Africa.

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