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This series is about a place that is extremely special to me. It feeds me. As a matter of fact, I never, EVER set out to become a landscape painter (figuring there were enough Group of Seven-esque works out there) but this area is so incredible that the desire to study it has become stronger than me. (I even wrote a major physical geography paper on it when I was finishing my BEd a few years back!) Some may say it looks like the moon's surface on earth except that it's filled with all kinds of life. You simply have to look for it.

freeflow 15-016 15-015

TOP: It Gets Hot On the Rocks By Noon, 2014 (Image published in Pearson Canada's "THINK History: Canadian History Since 1914 (1Ce)" French and English editions, in print and online)
ABOVE (L-R): 2015; Freeflow (detail), 2014, I Wonder If the Seeds of Life Exist On Mars, 2015; I Guess It'd Be Like Camping On the Moon (detail)

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