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We need good leaders who embody the teachings of wisdom, humility, honesty and respect. We need leaders who will think with their hearts and feel with their heads. We need the next 150 years to promote inclusivity and a whole-view attitude toward our relationships with one another and the only planet we live on. The Truth and Reconciliation Report (TRC) was a great start to outlining some of the actions we can take. Now it’s time to start acting on the calls. We need to do what’s right.

Through partnerships with Georgian College and Laurentian University, the "Reconciliation 150 Awards" are being offered to students who show forward thinking in their approach to bridging gaps between indigenous and non-indigenous people throughout the territory we have called Canada for the last 150 years. These students are the leaders of tomorrow, who will help usher us all into the next 150 years of reconciliation. The awards will be given to students who have demonstrated clear, positive and productive efforts in reconciliation stemming from on one or more of the 94 Calls to Action found in the Truth and Reconciliation Report (http://www.trc.ca).  The TRC reports can be found here: http://nctr.ca/reports.php. Students will be selected by the faculty with the schools' respective Indigenous Studies departments.



Georgian College Students

Please visit Georgian College's bursary and scholarships page for details on how to apply. Click the links below or use the following search parameters to find the award on the college's web site:
Award Name: Reconciliation 150 Award
Award Number: 51402

Laurentian University Students

Please visit Laurentian University's bursary and scholarships page for details on how to apply. Contact financialaid@laurentian.ca for information on the Reconciliation 150 awards and their required applications. (Links to the actual award will be posted as soon as they are made available by the university's Scholarships & Bursaries Department.)



The money raised through the sale of the tshirts goes straight to the Reconciliation 150 awards for any student currently enrolled at Georgian College or Laurentian University. Shirts are available in red, black, white or grey. Styles can be made in women's V-neck or unisex crew.

TSHIRTS CAN BE PURCHASED FOR $20 EACH BY CONTACTING THE STUDIO. Some shirts will be available at the Aurora Cultural Centre during the Call to Action 83 exhibition from August 12 to November 10, 2017.




The wild strawberry, or heart berry, is an important fruit to indigenous people across Canada. It is the first fruit that nourishes us after a long winter. In order for the fruit to nourish us, we need to ensure it has what it needs to grow properly. Just as we need to be good stewards of the land, water and plants that nourish us, we also need to take care of each other so that our communities can thrive in a healthy way. Strawberry season is also the traditional time of reconciliation. It is the time when the Anishinabek welcome those who’ve hurt us back home (those who were banished from the village for wrongdoing) to see if we can reconcile and welcome them back into the community. The strawberry is an icon of reconciliation but the care we provide each other is the core of reconciliation. The Canada 150 logo is used as the leaves of the strawberry and is upside down. This depicts the challenges we are currently facing as a country -- the wrong that must be righted. The hope is that we can do the work required to grow a fruit that will nourish us all equitably.

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