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This section contains projects that were completed outside of my normal practice. Some are bucket list items and others I became engaged in through word of mouth. Each has a special place in my heart and they all fit within my philosophy of bridging gaps between indigenous and non-indigenous people.

ABOVE: Where Red Ochre Comes From - A Metis-style interpretation inspired by Norval Morrisseau's retelling of the legend of Onaman.

The legend explains that Lake Superior used to be a pond inhabited by really huge beavers. There also existed giant thunderbirds that liked to eat beavers. The thunderbirds hid in the clouds. The beavers would sleep with one eye open to make sure the thunderbirds couldn't attack while they rested. But... "One day," says Morriseau, "he made a mistake, and did not look. Out of nowhere came a tiny clump of clouds. Inside was a great eye. This big thunderbird swooped down onto the beaver and drew him up into the air. As the huge claws sank into his flesh, out came this blood, so sacred. It fell onto the ground, all over Thunder Bay, instantly turning into red iron oxide."

Source: "Legends of My People The Great Ojibway" Illustrated & told by Norval Morrisseau, 1965, Ryerson Press

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