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The Moccushions© Project

Stories and tales are a part of childhood. Parents will often tell us a bedtime story as we lay with our heads on our pillows, listening to their soothing voice as we are lulled to sleep. In Anishinaabe and Metis tradition, stories are meant for entertainment but also to instill practical knowledge. Moccasins are another traditional item that warm our feet but also connect us to the earth. During special occasions, we are often gifted new, hand-made moccasins with special beadwork that signifies the event to keep us grounded in life. Tales and traditional dress make up a large part of the Métis culture.

Named the “Moccushion©”, the cushion’s physical construction is based on the Metis moccasin design. What would normally be the vamp is now the top of the cushion which interprets the story with beads. The project serves to introduce the Métis culture through an initial series of eight Moccushions that interpret traditional tales before they are lost with time.


A grant has been gratefully received by the Ontario Arts Council for the production of the series.

So far, the series is scheduled for exhibition at Quest Gallery, Midland, ON (2021) and Canada House UK (2022).

"I was blown away by the beauty of the Moccushions, they are beautiful, what a great job. And the links with the tales give them even more value. I hope you can exhibit them many times."
- Clelia Farrugia, Francophone Arts Officer, Ontario Arts Council

Shown on the right (click image or title below for Eng-Frn PDF about each piece):
1: Moccushion - The Hunter & the Lost Children
2: Moccushion - Wisakajak & the Sea Gulls
3: Moccushion - The Hunter & the Wolf

4: Moccushion - A Mother's Love

Shown below:
8: Moccushion
- Chi-Jean's Winter Feast






The book is now Available to order on Barnes & Noble, IndieBound and Amazon!!


Loved all the stories. Great children's book but meaningful to adults as well. - Pat S.

Gorgeous and well written. I enjoyed all the stories. - Jennifer C.

Wonderfully written, wonderful keep sake, truly enjoyed. - Pamela T-H.

Introducing Métis culture through a series of eight traditional tales retold by Nathalie Bertin. These charming and entertaining short stories provide a broad snapshot of the Métis world view from historical communities in Ontario and Quebec that pre-date Canadian confederation. These regions have a long history of métissage and unique cultural flavour that also helped inform western Métis culture. The unique beadworks that accompany each story are beautifully photographed and provide a contemporary stepping point into the tremendous historical Métis crafts - designs that became Canada's first true art form. Entertainment and learning in two languages within the pages of a single book!

The book is very well done, well presented, quality work and of course the stories are exquisite. I love it. Very well done and part of my special collection. So people hurry up to get your copy! - Diane M.

978-0-2288-2475-6 (Hardcover)
978-0-2288-2476-3 (Paperback)

Shown below:
5: Moccushion - In Memory of Jeanne Couc-dit-Lafleur (1657-1679)


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